Directions for choosing your desired sponsorship level

1. Look at the Sponsorship Grid to see the levels available
2. Select your chosen sponsorship level from the drop-down “Sponsorship Payment” button below the grid
3. Click on the “Pay Now” Paypal Button at the right of grid (you will be taken to the Paypal Website to make your payment)
4. If you choose to send a check, download the Sponsorship Form PDF here: SponsorFormFill-In2013, check off your desired level and mail the form along with your check to:
Yes U Can Corporation
2504 Creekside Dr., Newark, DE 19711

Sponsorship Payment

Sponsorship Grid Scrolls Horizontally > > > Scrollbar Below Grid

If the Sponsor Grid appears small, click on the grid to enlarge.

[iframe src=””  height=”745″ iframe scrolling=”yes”]